Hey. One of my colleague shared this with me. Touchy one, especially if you are the mother of a daughter.

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Countless reasons why you hate your bosses

Do you feel like pulling your hairs and scratching your head when you get a call from your boss on a weekend? Do you always have to swallow your words when you are talking to your boss? Do you hate discussions with him/her because they will be fruitless? And finally, do you feel you can be a better manager than your current boss?

If all the answers are YES, welcome to the gang of tortured employees that includes almost 80 % of the working population across the globe. There is no research that is claiming this figure but if you ask any 10 employees around you, I am sure you would agree to this. But why do you hate him? Just because he is dedicated towards his work and is so concern that he wants the work to be done on a weekend? Don’t you feel that you should also show some dedication and report to work any day anytime?           

Dont get confused; I know you don’t hate him for his dedication. You hate him (or her) because of his mismanagement. He is the one who is responsible for handling the entire activity within 8 hours a day 5 days a week. He is the one who needs to decide priorities and act accordingly. Moreover, he is the one who is your senior and must act as a mentor and not as a BOSS.

We hate our bosses because he just talks and never listens, always thinks he is right but we are not, thinks the company is everything and our family can wait till we get retired, feels your child’s birthday is not as important as your client meeting, feels you take unnecessary leaves, never gives you a smile even if you have done something appreciable, never discusses things with you before taking a decision, loves to work late night and expects you to be there until the time he leaves, burdens you with work especially on Friday afternoon, forgets to tell you something and later blames you for not paying attention, and of course because he thinks HE IS THE BOSS AND YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO HIM.   

These are just some of the reasons why we hate our bosses. The frustration level within us is so much that we can in fact write an entire book on this. But don’t you feel he is like this because he himself is overburdened and don’t have time to think about you? He has promised a deadline to the director and therefore, is forced to call you on a weekend. He has to meet his sales target and the only way out is to make you skip your child’s birthday and attend meetings.

Imagine yourself in his shoes and think if you can REALLY be a better boss than he is or will you also be molded in the standard format of the bosses?


How brands cheat consumers by marketing themselves wrongly

A few days back me and my colleague ordered Maggie from our office canteen. When we asked the canteen operator how much time she is gonna take to serve our order, she replied “2 minute”. We took our seats and stared our office gossips that lasted about 5 to 6 minutes, when finally the Maggie arrived. We took almost 15 minutes in the canteen to order, wait for the order to arrive, and finish the order. My colleague and I thought, we could have pre-ordered it so that we don’t had to spend this long.  But then, it’s not our fault; Maggie was supposed to be 2 minute noodles. This is what Nestle claims. The truth however, is that no one in the whole world can make Maggie in 2 minutes; except the Nestle staffs who have claimed this.

Such ‘impossible sounding’ statements are frequently made by many brands to lure buyers. For example, how many of you can actually get white and bright cloths with just 4 drops of ujala? And do you really use just one fist-full of surf excel to get rid of those dirt and stains? How many people have you seen getting lost after eating 5 star? Do your utensils shine like new when you use Vim bar?

Friends, these are just a few examples. Feel free to add more.

The loose Indian laws are the main reason for such false claims. The big players know that Indian consumers are busy and wont object, the government is not bothered, people like me end up writing a mere blog because we don’t want to get involved into hassles, and the media has much better and spicy topics than questioning companies who pay them for advertisements. The trend of fooling the consumers will continue in future unless someone uses the right to information act or approaches the Indian Broadcasting Ministry against these biggies.  

A story of every working mother

September 16, 2011 1 comment

This is nothing new but a story of every professional woman who has to leave her kid/s at home and work for life’s financial struggle. It hurts, it makes your eyes wet, it pinches but we have to do this. This is a tear-jerking story.

I am on the verge of joining work back after spending fun-time with my going to be 7 months old daughter. This is nothing new. Every professional woman does this. Again, I have an extremely caring mother-in-law to take care of her. I am sure she will take care of her much better than I can. Everything will be fine. She will get lots of love from her grandmother and grandfather. I will give her all love and care on weekends and holidays. That will be enough for her, I guess.

Still, I fear if she will be able to manage without me. What if she misses me a lot? What will happen if she will refuse to have weaning food? What if the food that i have prepared for her falls short? What will happen to my mother-in-law? Will she be tied? Will she fall ill because of exertion? What if she is alone and something wrong happens? What if she will be alone and the housekeeper steals something?

The pain of staying away from your cutest daughter is enough to make a mother depressed. This will not only affect her productivity at work but also the concentration.  Again, there will be late sleeping and early rising issues. There will be less of family time. Your husband will get probably the least importance now. No more watching news channels and reading the newspaper. Even the food will be the last in the ‘to do’ list.

For many days or even months, you will be humming lullabies in the office. Every minute you will miss your daughter. Every day, you will be calling home almost every hour to check if everything is fine there. You will feel guilty to be late, as you know she is missing you even though she is not. Finally yet importantly, all the work pressure at home and office is enough to make you go crazy.

Therefore, all you people who thought that women are heartless, should at least try to imagine if not experience the life of a working mother. I am sure your impression will change.

Is TV seriously and Idiot Box?

TV has been known as Idiot Box since long. Often it is held responsible for spoiling kids. Wives keep complaining about their husband neglecting them or the household work for TV. Husbands fight with their wives for ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki’ type emotional dramas. Often we compare aunties whom we do not like with the Vam artist of any popular serial. But is television seriously an idiot box. Here is my latest experience.

Yesterday Night we were not feeling sleepy and, therefore, thought of watching television. Somehow, we started watching the 10PM news in a renowned News channel. It was telecasting fast forward news where they show top ten news of the day in 2 minutes or so. Wow that’s great. 2 minutes and you will know the Top ten happenings. The show began. First news was on some lady’s rape. Second was on someone’s murder. Third was also on murder. 4th again was either murder or suicide or accident. 5th same. 6th, we switched off the TV.

Is this what you except at 10 PM? I am sure; everyone else like me gets tired and frustrated until 10 PM and wants to relax before going to bed. Even if we watch News channel we want to watch something soothing or at least informative. There are better things to watch like news on politics, movies, recent development of the world etc. I am sure nobody is interested in watching news of suicides or murders at 10 PM. We watch TV to relax and not to get frustrated by watching top 10 world’s bad news.

So yesterday night I concluded that TV is seriously an Idiot box.

The story of contamination.

Contaminated food is now a truth of our life. Lets accept it and be happy rather than panicking as there is nothing much that we can do.

This afternoon during our tea break, my colleagues and I started discussing about the quality of food we take. One said that red apples should be eaten after peeling; reason being, wax is used on them to retain their freshness for a long time. Someone added that the farmers dip raw bananas in acid to ripe them quickly. One informed that sugarcanes are soaked in water (mostly unhygienic as that is what the juice vendors have) so that they can absorb it and more juice can be extracted. One said that microwave rays are harmful and food cooked and warmed in microwave should not be taken. One even said that water purifier Aquaguard destroys all minerals in it!!!!!!!!!

Some days back while surfing the TV I came across a news report that claimed that vegetables we eat are full of poisonous chemicals that they use to increase productivity and etc etc. There was another news where the officials concerned with food adulteration had raided Ghee and mustard manufacturing units in jaipur and found that Ghee and mustard oil are fake. During Diwali there were numerous sweet shops that were raided and caught red handed selling fake paneer and sweets.

There are numerous stories like this. And each and every food item you and me eat is someway or other contaminated or said to be contaminated. Even medicines are fake.

One can avoid having food outside to stop taking adulterated food. But even then you cannot make basic things like Ghee and mustard oil at home. Now you tell me what’s left to eat and how many days we are left with on this earth.

Scams Scams go away

Adarsh Society scam, CWG scams, 2G scam and now LIC housing Scams.  In the past two months India has become a country of scams.

Oh. I am sorry, India was always a land of scams but the recent pace of disclosure of scams is terrible. The newspapers and TV channels are not even getting breathing time to at least relax and talk about any other topic. The front pages of all news dailies are full of scams making us feel as if there are no other major developments going in India. Every day the stock exchange goes negative on the scam notes. There is hiring and firing of top officials like CM, GMs, CEOs and minister.

There used to be days when a small scam used to shock us. Now a day even bigger scams like 2G and CGW scams fail to move us. We have started accepting the facts that ‘This happens only in India’ and ‘Anything is possible in India’.

Many of Indians like me might have got bored of these scams now. Waiting for the scams season to get over 🙂